Saturday, January 16, 2010


Dear Wilpons,

I started this blog because I love the Mets, and I wanted to have an outlet to say what I'm thinking, which more often than not mirrors what the majority of Mets fans are thinking. I have no idea how many (if any) people read my blog, but today I can guarantee you that I am speaking on behalf of the entire Mets fan base when I say that something's got to be done with this organization.
You are running a multi-billion dollar franchise. It's not a home business that you're running out of the spare room in your basement that doubles as a guest room when relatives come to visit. You've got more than twenty people in the Mets front office that report to you, shareholders that are following your revenue stream, and millions of fans who love this baseball team. So you'll understand why we're all up in arms over this whole Carlos Beltran surgery fiasco.
Obviously Beltran needed surgery on his knee, that's not in question. I'm not sure which of the following statements are true or false, but this is what I've heard this past week:
  • I heard on the radio that Beltran called Omar before the surgery to make sure he was on board, and Omar told him that he agreed and wished him luck.
  • Minaya told Newsday that while he DID talk to Beltran before the surgery, he did not give him the OK to go along with it.
  • John Ricco said that the Mets were aware that Beltran was feeling discomfort in his knee, but preferred that he continue rehabbing, despite the fact that a doctor said that surgery was the right answer.
  • Beltran said in a statement "the most important thing is that the surgery was a success and I plan to be back playing the game I love sooner rather than later."
I'm not going to go into conspiracy theories, but clearly someone is lying here. If that's the case, then whoever isn't telling the truth should be held accountable. If it's not a blatant lie, and it's just a matter of "Oh, I thought you talked to him" "No, I thought you talked to him", then someone still needs to be held accountable because this is no way to run a business.
When this story first broke, at first there were some people that were complaining that Beltran was the one at fault. But with everything that's happen, and the million different stories that are coming out, I can't say that I don't blame the guy for not wasting time waiting for you guys to get your acts together to go ahead and get the surgery over with.
Look, I don't know the whole story...but you guys do. The fans look to you to drive this ship in the right direction, and if the guys in charge can't get the job done then get rid of them and find some people who can.

The Fans