Thursday, December 31, 2009


Dear Wilpons,
On behalf of Mets fans, I must tip my hat to you. You got the guy you wanted, and you got him for 4 years. When I heard Mike Francesa announce it on Tuesday, I imagined sitting in the ouwtfield stands at Citi Field and looking left to right at an outfield of Francoeur, Beltran, and Bay. Well done! Now that we're done with the formalities, let's talk baseball.
I'm excited to have this guy on our team. I got several text messages from friends of mine who live in Boston congratulating us on getting a quality ballplayer like Bay. They were all saying that the morning talk shows in Beantown were all complaining about how stupid the Red Sox were for letting him go. The one text message that I got that really encouraged me said "You're going to love this guy. He's a gamer, and he's committed to winning." I've been saying it for weeks, that's what I want. I want someone who's going to give it all he's got in order to win.
Almost all of the articles that I've been reading over the past month in regard to the debate over whether Bay or Holliday would be a better fit for the Mets said the same thing: "The Mets are convinced that Jason Bay's bat would translate well at Citi Field, and they prefer him over Matt Holliday." This is where we as fans need to trust that you guys really have done your research, and you're not just blowing smoke to make us feel better.
Oh, by the way, the offseason isn't over. Time to focus on pitching and catching. Now that we've shown people that we're not going to add more years to an offer just to get a big name, do not, I repeat, DO NOT give Bengie Molina more than 2 years. I think he'll have a decent season next year but anything after that is a gamble in my opinion. If he's so certain he'll still be a good catcher after 2 years, make him prove it and offer him a 2 year deal with a mutual option for a third. If he's still dragging his feet in 72 hours, it's time to move on to Rod Barajas. And as far as pitching is concerned, don't sign Joel Piniero unless he's bringing Dave Duncan with him.

The Fans