Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Does anyone else think that this offseason has been A LOT like the first "Major League" movie?
I know that the Wilpons and Omar Minaya aren't TRYING to lose on purpose, and they're not TRYING to finish in dead last...but the similarities are comical.
What have we done so far this year:

  • Signed Chris Coste: A 36 year-old career backup catcher who, by his own admission, will always consider himself a Phillie.
  • Signed Mike Hessman: A 30 year-old career .208 hitter who's never had more than a dozen ML hits in a season.
  • Signed Henry Blanco: The best pickup so far this season, he's a good defensive catcher but won't help us produce runs.
  • Signed Clint Everts: Potential upside, but he's never played a day in the majors.
  • Signed Ryota Igarashi: He pitched very well in Japan, but so did Hideki Irabu.
  • Signed Elmer Dessens: Decent reliever, but he's pushing 40.
  • On the verge of signing R.A. Dickey: 35 year-old knuckleballer. It concerns me that his wikipedia picture is him doing the stat book in the stands.

Look, you will not find a more diehard Mets fan than me. I hope they run roughshod through the NL East this year. But you have to admit that the similarities are amusing.

"I've never heard of half of these guys, and the ones I do know are way past their prime."

"Most of these guys never had a prime."

"This guy here is dead!"

Merry Christmas Mets fans.


Anonymous said...

very nice, but remember that the team in Major League won in the end, but I don't think the Mets will.