Monday, November 30, 2009


Dear Wilpons,

Seeing that it’s only my second day to the blogging world, I’m going to throw you a hanging curve on how to improve our beloved team: trade Luis Castillo, and trade him now.

Look at it this way: the guy gave us a gift last year by playing 142 games and batting .302 and having his best statistical year with the team. Obviously he’s no prize, but at least now we won’t have to beg and plead with another team to take him.

So here’s some food for thought to get the wheels in your head spinning:

  • Juan Pierre has two years and $18.5M left on his contract. The guy can still play and he would be a great backup in case any of the outfielders need a break or get injured.
  • You can have Eric Byrnes for one year and less than $6M. We already know that the Diamondbacks are willing to take our garbage…they just traded FOR Aaron Heilman.
  • Milton Bradley plays for the Cubs, and the Cubs would take Luis Castillo. You want passion in the clubhouse?
  • Travis Hafner only played 94 games last year and still had more home runs than the Mets team leader, who had 15.

Those are just a few options for you to free up second base and possibly free up a few bucks to put towards Orlando Hudson to play second base. We’re all waiting for you to pull the trigger on ANY trade that gets him out of Queens.


The Fans


Marquito said...

I agree with you. Lets get rid of him while his value is high. I can see him batting 240 this year.