Sunday, December 6, 2009


Where do I begin? There are too many things to complain about right now, but I’ll leave the tirades about “Alex Cora isn’t worth $2M per year” and “how could you sign a guy that came out and said he’ll always be a Phillie” and “why didn’t you grab Kelly Shoppach when you had the chance” to the other bloggers. Today I want to talk to you about a solid number two pitcher who’s not going to break the bank: Jason Marquis.

Jason Marquis has been pitching in the Major Leagues for 10 years. In that decade-long career, he has never been on a team that did NOT make it to the playoffs when he was in the rotation. He's not a 20 game winner, he's never won a Cy Young Award, but the guy's got heart. He loves the game, he's a great teammate and a strong presence in the clubhouse, and whatever team he plays for he gives them 110% every time. Oh, and an added bonus: he WANTS to play for the Mets.

"This (NY) is where I'm from, so to come back here and play in front of friends and family would be an honor"

-Jason Marquis, on possibly pitching for the New York Mets

This team needs a guy like that. There are already guys on the Mets who have passion (No. 5 comes to mind), but I think a guy who comes in knowing that it's an honor to don the blue and orange would do this team some good.

His stats speak for themselves. He's been nothing if not consistent, and if the last 6 seasons are any indication of what next season has in store he'll give you something around 14 wins, an ERA between the high 3's and the low to mid 4's, 30ish starts, and probably 200 innings. Add the passion, the intensity, and the desire to pitch for us, and you've got yourself a solid starter. I think it's worth a shot.


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